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    HopOn Day 1
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    Fits 3 if you're creative...
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like it sounds, are rides meant to bring some social good to this world. It's free just like all our other rides thanks to the power of our local brand partners. Recent rides include:

Sherri 9/7/2013
In support of Disabled Resource Services
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Get People Talking

HopOn offers a grassroots way for your organization, campaign or brand to connect with people. We partner with local organizations and businesses that customize our way-cool, earth-friendly bikes around their brand or cause campaigns. Our blend of social good, friendly drivers and our on-board technology gives your campaign exposure, awareness and a captivating way to connect with people.

It’s a fun, friendly and free experience people take part in, enjoy and remember.

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Highly Visible, Innovative & Targeted

HopOn is an effective way to reach target markets and cut through today’s media clutter. We take your ad to where your audience is…Old Town, events, festivals, sport games, concerts, shopping centers – anywhere a bike can ride.  We ride into highly crowded places where advertising is prohibited.  HopOn is ideal for health, sport, environmental and eco-friendly brands.  This is a zero emission, zero carbon footprint program.  It’s way more than advertising – it’s an interactive brand experience.

Connect With People

The rider experience begins and ends with getting people to talk about your campaign. Pedaling for your business are drivers who socialize, engage and have fun with our riders. They can share interesting stories and other tidbits heard along our trips that can be useful to your campaign. We can inform, invite, encourage and even hand out products, samples, coupons or cards along our way. HopOn is ideal for distribution and sampling campaigns. For more buzz, our bikes are equipped with iPad technology to help support social media campaigns, membership sign-ups, contests, give-aways & public surveys.